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Let’s face it, most of us have (or at some point have had) a fear of being “found out”. Did you know that this is actually called imposter syndrome and it’s estimated that about 70% of people will experience it in their life? Imposter syndrome is a fear of being exposed as fraudulent and causes people to doubt themselves and their achievements. You might be asking what this has to do with mortgages and the answer is more than you would think.

Applying for a mortgage is an incredibly vulnerable, and for many people terrifying, experience. It brings them face to face with reality. Not only are they unable to hide behind a façade or appearances but they are signing themselves up for full exposure. When applying for a mortgage we need to know it all: how much debt someone has, what they make, if they are separated or divorced, what they pay in alimony, if they’ve had credit problems in the past…Every little thing about their life is suddenly up for discussion. As a Mortgage Agent I know the questions I have to ask, they can feel intrusive and nosy, and I’ve watched people squirm in their seat as I dig deeper trying to get the whole story.

So why would anyone sign themselves up for this? Short answer, because it allows me to help you. Long answer, I know what it feels like. I have been in your shoes, sitting on the other side of the desk feeling unsure and vulnerable, all while still wanting this person to think I have my life together. When you choose to see me I am on your team, no judgment and no criticism just me trying to get all the details so we can devise the best possible plan for you moving forward.

So what do you need to know about seeing me?

Firstly as a licensed mortgage agent I am governed by the province and must maintain confidentiality.

Secondly, I am a professional. It is my job to look at people’s circumstances and see what we can do. This is not a personal evaluation; this is my passion and my job.

Thirdly, I am constantly taking applications and entering personal information. I do not remember the exact figures associated with each person, what I remember is: did my client feel cared for, did I offer them the best service possible, and will they recommend me moving forward.

If you’ve been thinking about getting mortgage advice but have been afraid I understand. For a no pressure, no judgment consultation contact me today.

-Stefanie Miller


#103, 13501 100 Street Grande Prairie, AB

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