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Of people who purchased a home in 2017-2018 62% used a bank to complete their mortgage. I think banks are great, we have access to several within the broker channel and I have relationships with people who work at them, don’t hear me wrong, I AM a fan. But when it comes to getting financing for a mortgage there is another option, a Mortgage Professional.

You might be asking yourself what a Mortgage Professional can do that a bank can’t.

The answer depends a lot on your specific situation and what you’re looking for. In my experience the Mortgage Professional could do a lot that the bank couldn’t. In fact, when my husband and I went to buy our home together we joined the 62% and went to our bank. After being laughed at for even thinking we could get a mortgage we had to explore other options. Cue the Mortgage Professional. To our shock and surprise just days after being told no,we were now being told yes.

So what is the Mortgage Professional advantage?

1) Access to numerous different lenders & products. Unlike banks the mortgage broker channel has access to many, many, many lenders each with different products and guidelines. Hence why the bank declined us and the Mortgage Professional got us approved

2) Licensed expert. Mortgage Professionals are experts in the field. They are fully licensed and work with mortgages day in and day out, nothing else.

3) Flexibility. When my husband and I first began the mortgage process he worked 8-6 Monday to Friday which meant taking time off work for any bank appointment; so not only did the bank decline us but it actually cost us money to do so (note this was several years ago and most banks are open an evening now). Every Mortgage Professional is different but I am in the office Monday to Friday during regular office hours and am available by appointment evenings and Saturdays. Having gone through it, I know the inconvenience and cost these appointments can be which is why I tell my clients I work when they don’t.

4) We work for you. I am not employed by the lenders, nor am I being pushed to choose a certain product over another. I get paid regardless of which lender you choose which means we can find the right product for you and your life. Furthermore I have a relationship with the underwriters, which means I can fight for you and your file.

5) We help you plan. If the situation had been that my husband and I couldn’t have bought at the time we would have been no further prepared walking out of the bank than we were walking in. As a Mortgage Professional I want to help each person who walks through my door. To me that means looking at credit, finances, and goals and making a plan. If someone can’t afford to buy or move now I want to provide them with the steps that will allow them to in the future.

If you are looking to buy, refinance, or renew your mortgage I would love to help you experience the broker advantage. For a no pressure, no obligation consultation contact me today.

-Stefanie Miller


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