If you’re anything like me and have watched as many episodes of “Suits” as I have then when you hear that someone is a lawyer a certain perception comes to mind. When Leah of Hayes Fry Law walked into the coffee shop for our meeting she blew all of those perceptions away in the best possible way; she was spunky, knowledgeable, educated, and effortlessly confident all at once. As she sat down one of the first things I noticed was her genuine interest.  She asked questions and listened intently to the answers; wanting to know why I joined the industry, what my experiences were, and any detail of my story I would offer up.

As our conversation naturally flowed I got the pleasure of hearing her responses to these same questions. She talked about her childhood dream of wanting to own her own company and laughed as she revealed that as a kid she would even make business plans for these hypothetical companies. She went on to talk about finishing law school and working for another law firm. She didn’t speak poorly of the company or the experience rather emphasized that she had always wanted to create something of her own. Five years ago Leah was able to convince her husband, Nathan, who is also a lawyer that now was the time to fulfill that dream.  

They began their own firm with the same feelings that all of us do when starting something new. “Will people respond to what we’re doing?”, “will we be able build a reputable brand?”, and “was this a good idea?”.  After five years the answers are yes, yes, and yes. Hayes-Fry Law is a small local firm with a commitment to exceptional service, educating people, and a great work atmosphere. Leah herself specializes in real estate law while Nathan and Joel focus on family law. Along with these three lawyers they have a great team of support staff who they are quick to share credit with and thank for their success.

At Hayes Fry they truly care about the client. I assumed this from the way Leah talked but was certain when she explained how clients would call her years later with a question and she would happily help. I knew then that the same interest she had for me as our conversation began she had for each person that walked through their doors. If you enjoy personal service and people who are working both with and for you I recommend giving their office a call.  


#103, 13501 100 Street Grande Prairie, AB

Cell: 780-832-8410 

Email: smiller@mortgagegroup.com

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